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How long does a regulator service take?

Because it takes around 3 hours to complete a service on a regulator, it will take a couple of days to get your Regulator serviced. In peak seasons, it can take unto 10 working days to get a regulator service done. In off seasons, it could be anywhere from 3 days to 10 days. It all depends on  how many Regs are in the line before yours. View Lead Time boards in store.

How much does a regulator service cost?

The Regulator service costs R490.00 for the labour. This is excluding parts.

How much do parts cost?

It will all depend on the brand and model of your Regulator and as to how expensive the service kits are. Service kits are used on all Regulators. These kits can cost from R60 – R600. If your Regulator needs more parts than just the standard service kits, the Technician will give you a call and quote you on the extra parts.

What regulators can you service?

At Divetek we can service all brands of Regulators on the basis that we can get parts for the brand of Reg you have.

Can you check my regulator to see if it needs a service?

Yes we can, we will check your Regulator at no charge and advise if it needs a service.

My Octo or Primary is free-flowing. Can you just service my 2nd stages?

Generally the problem of a 2nd stage Regulator free-flow is due to the First Stage where the Interstage Pressure is unstable. It is a safety measure so you don’t burst a hose if the Interstage Pressure rises too high. Your 2nd stages will free-flow to release the build-up of pressure in your Regulator. It could just be a simple adjustment on the 2nd stage, so may as well bring the whole Reg through for a check-up.

My regulator has been in storage for 20 years, can you service it?

Regulator revivals are possible… Provided the brand is still supported and parts are readily available. If there are no parts, we can always help with an upgrade on your Reg but it may be time to let that one go. (Hang it in your bar as a piece of history). If it is an oil filled Regulator, unfortunately we cannot revive that.

When should my regulator be serviced?

On Unbalanced Piston and Balanced Piston Regulators we recommend you get it serviced once a year because of corrosion build-up inside the first stage. Diaphragm Regulators you need to get your Regulator serviced every 2 – 3 years.

Can I service my own regulator?

No, You need to be a qualified service technician to service a regulator. You will also not have access to service kits as only technicians will have access to these.

How long does a BC service take?

As it generally takes about 1.5 hours to service a BC, BC services generally take around 4 – 5 days. In Peak seasons it could take longer due to the amount of BCs in for service. View Lead Time boards in store.

How much does a BC service cost?

A standard BC service costs R290.00 and an Airtrim BC service costs R450.00 due to the different design. This once again is excluding parts.

How much do parts cost?

There are not normally too many parts that need to be replaced on a BC. You can look at anywhere from R5.00 to R100.00 for parts. Any extra parts that need to be changed will be quoted on by the Technician.

What BCs can you service?

We can service any brand of BC as long as parts are readily available.

The dump valve has ripped off the BC. Can it be repaired?

Generally not. The dump valves are plastic welded into the bladder and unfortunately a service centre does not have the machinery to reweld.

My BC bladder has a tear. Can you patch it?

All depending where the tear is, we can try and help out. If it is in the middle of the bladder underneath the material of the BC and it is stitched up. We unfortunately cannot.

How often should my BC be serviced?

Your BC should be serviced every year if not every second year. It is difficult to see when your BC needs a service but the inside can build up a lot of salt and corrosion very quickly that we do not know about.

Can I service my own BC?

No. There are specific tools you need to open and close the BCs and a technician knows where all the parts go once you have taken everything apart. It is always better to get a qualified technician to service any gear.

How long does a battery change take on a diving computer?

If our technicians are not busy when you come into store, we can do it while you wait. It normally takes about 20mins. If the technicians are busy, you can book your computer in and pick up the following day.

How long does a battery change take on a transmitter?

This we do not do in house, so please allow a 10 working day turn around time, all depending on the suppliers.

Which computer battery changes can you do?

Suunto, Aqualung, Oceanic, Tusa, Mares. Some units may need to go to the suppliers, so please allow a 10 day turn around time if your unit is one of the following. Any Scubapro and Uwatec computers as well as the Mares Nemo range.

How much does a computer battery change cost?

Larger wrist units cost R180.00 and Smaller watch type units cost R250.00. Units sent to suppliers are subject to quotation.

Can I change my own battery?

On the larger wrist units, some you can, as they are user replaceable. The watch type units it is not recommended. Diving workshops will have anti static mats, Dry test chambers as well as Wet test chamber to test if your unit is sealing. If you do yours at home, you can not be 100% sure.

Can you change my strap?

Yes, As long as we have stock or can get stock. We can help you out with that.

How long should my battery last?

All depending on brand, You should get at least 2 years from your battery. This all depends on the amount of diving you are doing.

Can you change standard watch batteries?

Depending on the battery and brand. We can try and help out. We are equipped with the tools to open the various Dive Computers and their batteries, so if the tools and batteries match your watch, then we can.

What tests need to be done on my cylinder?

Once a year your cylinder needs a Visual Inspection. Once every 4 years it needs a Hydrostatic Inspection.

What do the tests cost?

The Visual Inspection costs R150.00 and the Hydrostatic Test is R190.00. Excluding parts which are normally the Valve neck O-rings.

I use my cylinder to fill up my air rifle. Does it still need the tests?

Yes. Any pressurised vessel needs to have these tests done. It doesn’t matter if it is not used for Scuba Diving.

How long do the tests take?

Turn around time on a visual inspection takes 4 – 5 days. The Hydros take unto 10 working days.

Does the cylinder valve need to be serviced?

Yes, we recommend that the cylinder valves get serviced once a year when you bring the cylinder in for a visual inspection.

Can my cylinder be filled even if it is out of date?

No, unfortunately not. Compressor operators have a responsibility to their own safety as well as the safety of others within the facility. By filling cylinders that are out of date the compressor operator exponentially increases the risk of a high pressure accident occurring.

What happens to my cylinder if it fails a test?

You will be notified to come and give it a second look but the cylinder will have to be destroyed to stop it going back into circulation.