The Most well-equipped Diving Workshop in the Southern Hemisphere...

We Service, complete Visual Inspections and Repair all SCUBA Equipment!

The workshop is fully equipped to service all brands of equipment including:

Scuba Regulators; First Stage and Second Stage
Some, but not all Computers
Cylinders – Visuals, Hydros, and Eddy testing

We service regulators thoroughly and spend about 3 and half hours on each reg.
Each reg is returned with a bag of parts replaced and a full report.
Turnaround time is approx. 10 working days. (unless we are waiting for parts).
We have all the necessary equipment including a regulator breathing tester, ultrasonic cleaner and a pressure test chamber.

And, we are very proud to announce that we are also an Official

The Services we Offer...

Our Trusty Workbench

Regulator Servicing

We have a set labour cost on our Regulator services as we spend 3 hours (minimum) per reg. They are stripped, cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner, all perished parts replaced and put back together by our Knowledgeable Technicians.

PRICE: R490 excl Parts

A reg after being stripped
BC Service Technician

BC Servicing

BC Service consists of cleaning the BC of Salt Crystals that can tear the bag. We also clean and lubricate the Dump valves as well as service the power inflator.
The BC is then cleaned and polished up and ready to go diving.

PRICE: R290 (Not for Airtrim BCDs)

BC's waiting for Servicing
Computer Workbench

Computer Servicing

We service and replace batteries on almost all makes of Dive Computers.
We have an anti-static workbench as well as gloves.
The computers must pass a Dry Chamber Test First and then a Wet Chamber Test to ensure all is in order.

PRICE: R280 (Depending on unit)

Servicing Computers
Cylinder Technician

Cylinder Servicing

Cylinder Testing involves two tests.
Visual Inspection is the annual test which involves a physical examination of the cylinders inside and out.
Hydrostatic Test is to test the elasticity of the cylinders and this is done every 4 years.
We do the visuals in house, the hydros we send out.


Condemned Cylinder