Is Red Sea for me?

Of Course it is! This trip is for divers of all levels. From the Wreck Enthusiasts, Reef Lovers and of course the Adventurous Night Divers! This is the ULTIMATE trip for the First time Red Sea Divers!


It is recommended that you are an Advanced Diver with a Nitrox speciality in order to fully enjoy all the dives. We dive on Nitrox the whole holiday and of course do some  Night dives!


And once again we are going to Red Sea, BUT THIS TIME, we’re diving THE BLUE HOLE!

We will be diving with Red Sea Jol and we will be going to the Northern Wrecks and Reefs AND DAHAB!


After the classic itinerary of the Northern Wrecks and Reefs – we embark on an additional adventure to Northern City of Dahab.
Dahab is considered to be one of the Sinai’s most treasured diving destinations.

One of the premier dive sites of Dahab is “The Bells” a large vein of rock that has eroded out leaving a deep gash in the reef that drops to 45 metres formed where a deep groove cuts into the reef top.

The “Blue Hole” dive has stunning colonies of Star Coral, Gorgonians, soft and black corals are also found along this region. Sea Anemones are littered in anemone fish as well as plenty of angelfish and butterflyfish along the reef. Finally you reach the “Blue Hole” and enter this circular break in the coral and swim over the reef at around 7-8 meters.
The Canyon and Ras Abu Galum National Park offer the very best opportunity to see these notorious dive sites.

DAHAB The Canyon – The boat will drop you near one of the entrances to the Canyon. There are several entrances with the main, larger one being at a depth of 22 meters. Depending on the ability of the diving group, you may have the time to penetrate a little deeper into the canyon, the dive will then take you up through the length of the Canyon, where you can exit it at a depth of 14 meters.
Both popular and famous these reefs need little introduction. The boats zodiac will drop you near Bells dive site from where the drift dive starts. The dive will follow the coral wall in a southwardly direction, with the reef on your right.

Ras Abu Galum was awarded National Park Status in 1992. The area is difficult to reach, and so we are extremely lucky to take boats there. It is situated just off the shore where there is the Bedouin village of El-Omeyid. The Safari Boats can be moored here and the Zodiacs take the divers out.

At the Northern parts of this reef, you will see a huge variety of corals including Fire Corals, Raspberry corals and small table corals. In terms of Marine life you can expect to see Anthers, Glassfish, Lionfish, Grey eels and Batfish to name a few.

At the Southern parts of this reef, you can have encounters with turtles, pufferfish, shrimps and nudibranchs.

PRICE – R23,999 excluding airport taxes (approx R4,000)


– Flights
– 6 Nights aboard and 7 days of Diving
– All Meals and Snacks aboard the Blue Pearl
– Tea, Coffee and Soft Drinks
– Cylinder and Weightbelt Rental as well as Nitrox Fills
– All Local Transfers and of course the Guides
– The accommodation and meals at the White Beach Resort for the Night of the 3rd August 2018.


– Airport Taxes (approx. R4000)
– 60 Euro Tip Fees to be paid on Boat
– 50 Euro Fuel Surcharge to be paid on Boat
– 45 Euro Marine/Port Charge
– Visas can be arranged for R500 – South African passports ONLY
– 15L Cylinder Rental


All we require now to book the space is a R5000 Deposit, Final amount needs to be paid 60 days prior to the Trip.

The spaces are limited as we can only take 20 people.
We will going with the

Please contact us for further information on the Red Sea Trip for 2018!