The Divetek team had just three great trips there before we decided to move our 9 meter dive boat from Sodwana and base it at Sterkfontien. We liked it that much!

We are still exploring and finding new sites and this will take a year or so. Also we don’t know all the visibilities and temperatures of the various sites. So this information will be updated as we learn more.

  • It is a beautiful place at the foot of the Drakensburg.
  • The water is 16 km long and 7 km wide with lots of inlets.
  • Depth we think is 90 meters at its deepest.
  • It is a game reserve with many species including Oribi, Mountain Reedbuck and Grey Rhebuck. So you often see game at the dive sites.
  • Its only 3 hours from Johannesburg 23 km from Harrismith.
  • So you can leave after work on a Friday and be there in time for supper.

What can you see?

It has clear blue water with visibility of 5 meters in winter and up to 15 in summer. There are many fish such as yellow fish, bream and some really big barbel.

There is great topography with boulders, cliff faces and walls.
We have had some really great night dives there, full of fish and really easy.

The night dive there is the best inland night dive we have done.
There are many sunken boats to dive on and we are looking for a farm house and settlement.

Using a big sea dive boat on the dam is great fun and there are so many new sites to explore.


It IS cold in WINTER. But after a minute it wears off and its fine and you don’t feel the cold.

It takes about 40 minutes to get too cold on a dive so we do 30 minute dives in winter.

If there is no wind, it’s not cold after the dive but in winter if it is windy the wind chill is awful. We have big thick water proof ponchos to be nice and cosy in any wind.

You will need a 5mm wetsuit, chicken vest, gloves and a hood. Lowest temp found so far has been 11 degrees.

In the summer months it’s north of 19 which is toasty and there are no problems with the cold.


We no longer use the Parksboard cabins.

We now stay at a private residence at Amazni Amakhulu which is absolutely stunning! We arrange the rooms and bathrooms accordingly with the groups requirements.

Should the private residence not be available we stay at Qwantani which is a beautiful 4-star self-catering lodge.

Each unit sleeps 6 people. One double bed that is ensuite and then 2 single bedrooms that share a bathroom.

The units are very comfortable with large and fully equipped kitchens and communal areas.



  • 2 x Nights accommodation
  • 2 x Dinners
  • 2 x Breakfasts and a lunch
  • Unlimited coffee tea etc.
  • UNLIMITED DIVING and any arranged cruises.
  • All air fills
  • 1 night dive including marker lights.


  • Transport (Can be arranged for R300 pp)
  • Gear Hire
  • Any Course Fee (Advanced or Sailing etc.)


Spaces are limited on these trips. A deposit of R500 needs to be paid to secure your spot.

Should you require more information, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]

Or visting [email protected] to view our Sterkfontein Trip Dates.