The Southern Red Sea

South BDE (Brothers Islands, Daedalus and Elphinstone)
28th July - 6th August 2017

In these incredibly beautiful wall dives you will spot a diverse array of marine species and large pelagic. Large Tuna, jacks and snappers cruise in the blue, accompanied by the occasional hammerheads, silver tips, silky and oceanic white tip sharks and mantas. Even the rare thresher shark can be found there. Sightings the grey reef shark are almost guaranteed on the North and South Plateau of Small Brother.

The Reefs

Brothers Islands

The Brothers Islands are the pinnacles of two undersea mountains rising from the depths of the abyss and are located about 60 miles offshore. Part of the Marine Park Islands National Park, these islands offer stunning wall diving, with the walls being covered in soft corals and forests of gorgonians, creating a kaleidoscope of ever-changing colours. They attract a diverse array of marine species and large pelagic.
For the wreck diver, the Aida II, an Egyptian Supply Vessel, and the numidia, a cargo ship, lie on the walls of the Big Brother. Both are covered in a rich growth of Soft and Hard corals. Marine life includes a family of Napoleon wrasse and grey reef sharks.


This is the furthest offshore reef in the Egyptian Red Sea.
Daedalus with its wall drop offs offer some of the most incredible diving found. Daedalus has mountainous, pristine, hard coral formations with a cooling current which gives us the opportunity to see schooling hammerheads and grey reef sharks.


Elphinstone Reef with its sheer walls covered in softer corals, offers a likely encounter with the White Tip Oceanic sharks. This is without doubt one of the worlds most exciting diving destinations. A few small breakers are the only visible sign that just below the sea’s surface is the summit of a subterranean mountain, rich in colourful corals and fish species, and attracting the interest of hungry barracuda, dolphins and sharks.
It is two shark species in particular that attract divers looking for that unique one in a lifetime close-quarters encounter with a big sea predator. The scarily curious oceanic whitecap and the only shaped hammerhead are also frequent sightings on this reef.

Salem Express

In the early 90s the Salem Express, which operated as a passenger ferry, was based in the port of Safaga. On the night of December 15th 1991, the day of the disaster, it was returning from the port of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, overloaded with vehicles and passengers returning from the pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca.
Near its final destination, Safaga, the Salem Express entered a midnight storm that became a gale when the ship neared Hyndman Reef. The incredible force of the wind made the Salem Express hit the reef in the southeast creating a huge hole in the hull and driveway gates completely swamping the boat in seconds. in less than 30 minutes the ship sank, taking with it all who were in the inner compartments. Both the strength of the storm and the darkness of the night greatly increased the difficulty of the rescue efforts. The final death toll stood at 470.

So what does the trip entail...

We will depart from Johannesburg at 10pm on the Night of the 28th July 2017, and the Luggage allowance is 46kgs.
We arrive in Cairo around 5:30am and then we will have a 1 hour Flight to Hurghada.
Once in Hurghada, we get straight onto the Boat on the Saturday and then we are off!

From Saturday to Friday, we will dive and eat ourselves silly aboard the Boat!
Water Temperature around this time is 27 degrees and the visibility is often recorded at 100m+.

Friday the 4th August, after the second dive, we will be dropped off at The Hilton Hotel. Saturday the 5th, we have two options:
1) Go and see the pyramids
2) Stay at the Hotel and spend the Last Day relaxing

The Night of the 5th, we will Leave Cairo and be on our way home. We arrive on the Morning of the 6th August 2017.

Costs Involved...



– Flights
– 6 Nights aboard and 7 days of Diving
– All Meals and Snacks aboard the Beautiful MV Nouvan
– Tea, Coffee and Soft Drinks
– Cylinder and Weightbelt Rental as well as Nitrox Fills
– All Local Transfers and of course the Guides
– The accommodation and meals at the Hilton Hotel for the Night of the 9th September.


– Airport Taxes (approx. R4000)
– 60 Euro Tip Fees to be paid on Boat
– 50 Euro Fuel Surcharge to be paid on Boat
– Travel Insurance can be arranged for R450


All we require now to book the space is a R5000 Deposit, Final amount needs to be paid 20 days prior to the Trip.


The spaces are limited as we can only take 24 people.

We will going with the

Please contact us for further information on the Red Sea Trip for 2017!

Call Abby on  011 791 1095 or email: