A diving wonderland

Sodwana is probably the most popular reef system in South Africa! We take students to the beautiful waters of Sodwana Bay every month.

Sodwana  Bay’s coral reef system does not form a continuous reef but is clearly divided into a number  of reefs that run parallel to the shore, each one designated by its distance from the launch site, Jesser Point.  The most popular of these reefs are as follows: 2 Mile Reef, 5 Mile Reef, 7 Mile Reef and 9 Mile Reef.

These reefs are one of the southern most coral reefs in the world and are even more south than Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef has 1 800  species of fish and Sodwana which is 1/10 the size of the Great Barrier Reef has 1 200 species of fish, 6 of which are endemic to the Sodwana area. Therefore  your chances of seeing more species of fish are greater at Sodwana than at the  Great Barrier reef due to the concentration of the area that you are diving  on!

The reefs are also easily accessible by boat from the Bay!

Two mile is the largest of Sodwana’s known coral reefs and is also the most dived upon. Having said that, it is still an absolute favourite! This reef is packed with different dive sites and the reef life differs in each area. The depths vary from a relatively shallow 12m to a maximum of 36m.

Although every reef hosts its own territorial inhabitants, some of which  are very predictable, something new and unexpected often happens: perhaps a  visit from a school of dolphins or a brush with an enormous whaleshark.

The possibilities are endless so come and join us and Dive Beautiful Sodwana Bay!

Package prices:

R3800 – 3 Nights and 4 Dives
R3400 – 3 Nights and 3 Dives
R2000 – Non-divers


  • Accommodation
  • Dives as described above
  • Tea, coffee and basic Condiments
  • Airfills
  • Divemasters and Instructors on board


  • Equipment Rental (R80 per item per diving day)
  • Cylinder Hire
  • Weightbelt Hire
  • Meals
  • Drinks
  • Entrance into Isimangaliso Wetland Park
  • Transport (R500 per person return)
  • Reef Surcharges: R30 – 5 Mile, R60 – 7 Mile, R80 – 9 Mile.


A R500 deposit is required to secure your place on one of our trips. We go to Sodwana every month and for details please see our trip website.

email: [email protected]