Review of the Deepblu COSMIQ+ Dive Computer


The COSMIQ+ has been around for a while and has been a big hit overseas. Up until  now it has not been available in SA.

It is thankfully now here and fully supported.


First looks

The surprise was how small it was….. the pictures made it look far larger than it actually is.

It is sturdy, compact and clearly a quality item.  The two buttons are easy to use and strong.

At 81grams its also light and unobtrusive on the wrist.

The strap is a NATO style strap so the computer will NOT get pulled off the wrist or break when taking the scuba set off.
Also it won’t perish and go, unlike the Suunto straps (my pet hate).

The next surprise was the screen, super bright (is adjustable) and clear.
It is a pixel less LCD colour screen.  By far the best and clearest I have seen on any computer.

The unit comes with:

  • An alternate bungee strap for dry suits etc.
  • 2 spare screen covers.
  • A magnetic USB charger cable….. very nifty.
  • All in a very nice heavy duty protective case.


It has an internal Lithium-ion battery that is charged externally by the magnetic USB cable.
Will fit in and power from any USB port. The user can charge it on the Beach with a Power Bank!

It lasts up to 12 hours between charges and the battery status is clearly visible at all times on the screen.

No stops to the shop to do a battery change before a diving trip!

The Algorithm

It uses the Swiss Bühlmann  ZHL-16C. A great advantage to those of us doing inland dives at altitude.


These are easy through the cell phone app (Over The Air). So no need to bring the unit in to a shop.

 The App

You download an app from the Android or iStore. This then allows you to wirelessly control your unit and make some setting changes such as, safety factors, units, nitrox PP etc.

BUT the online log book on the app is simply amazing and so easy to use.

The unit itself only stores 25 dives as it is designed to connect to your smart phone and upload the dives. You then add a map (from your GPS) and any pics that you take.

ALSO it has a full diving community that has interest groups from photography to Technical to Girl divers!

Instructors can also verify dives done by their divers online, quickly and simply.

As an old diver I am not a great social media man (I only look at my Facebook page every couple of months). So I am not the best to review this section. However the young ones that looked at it, loved it.

You can also get the Dive Link SD card that fits in your camera and will upload any pics to your profile and the log book by wirelessly syncing. I did not try this.


 Ease of Use

The easiest computer I have ever used, it has the various modes along the top, simply use the button to get to the mode you want and press enter!

It also shows ALL information on the dive, no pressing buttons to other see alternate info.


The COSMIQ+ has 3 dive modes:

Normal dive mode (both Air and Nitrox)

Free dive (Apnea) mode

Advanced bottom timer mode for tech diving. 100 meter depth rating

Other modes:

Time and date mode

Planing mode (1 meter increments)

Log book (25 dives)

Sync mode to chat to the smart phone


Has all the usual suspects such as ascent rate bar, deco bar, user adjusted safety factors.

Nitrox to 40%, temperature, safety stop, deco etc etc

All that you need. Have look at

For a full list


The only negative I could find (and this is a personal need). I would have liked the Nitrox to go up to 100% as I sometimes dive with a semi closed rebreather.



Clear and very bright screen

Easy, easy to use

The log book upload is brill and fun to use

I like that I can see the remaining battery life as this is often difficult info to get with other units. Other units briefly flash battery ok when you enter dive mode and give you very little warning from battery low to battery dead!


Definitely the best computer I have tested so far. Tough, simple to use, great screen.

Does all that you want. No transmitter as Deepblu believes these are problematic with very few benefits, A sentiment I agree with as do many who have lost pairing with their transmitters just before a dive.

Best of all at R 5,300 its a seriously great price for a full featured colour screen computer.

I have the big Suunto Eon with large colour screen which is a great unit, but costs 3 times the price and is 4-5 times bigger!

I am buying the COSMIQ+ and there is no better recommendation than that!

Other Options in a similar Price Range:

Suunto Zoop

Suunto Zoop Novo

Aqualung i300

But for a little extra the COSMIQ+ is by far a better buy.


By David Cohen

Instructor full time in the industry since 1982 and an equipment specialist.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]