Mares Morphos Pro BC XS/S


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Mares Morphos Pro BC XS/S

The Mares Morphos Pro BC XS/S is under the BCs category and is available at our Dive Shop. For more info on this item of Dive Gear, please see below:

  • The Armchair Buoyancy Bag Design for unparalleled comfort
  • Airtrim System
  • Twin Exhaust Valve System
  • Cocoon concept: thanks to this revolutionary system, the BC is easily folded into a lightweight, compact “cocoon”
  • Trim Weights
  • QAS (Quick Adjust System)
  • Upper quick dump/over-expansion relief valve with a control that is always readily accessible and easy to use
  • Manual quick dump/over-expansion relief rear valve
  • 3-D Utility Pockets
  • Oral Inflator

Diving BCs:

Diving BCs are the most important pieces of diving equipment for the comfort and balance of the diver.

However, in South Africa, we seem to be more attracted to the big and Bulky BCs that tend to hamper the divers as opposed to giving us the feeling of flying.

A good BC is a BC that is low Drag and Low Volume with a tough denier material. Unfortunately the prettier the BC, the less likely those pretty accents will look good in 5 years.

For more information on BCs please click the link:

Additional information

Weight4600.0000 g
Dimensions520.0000 x 370.0000 x 150.0000 mm


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