Divetek Onyx Mask and Foldable Snorkel

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Divetek Onyx Mask and Foldable Snorkel

The Divetek Onyx Mask and Foldable Snorkel falls under the Diving Masks category and is available at our Dive Shop. For more info on this item of Dive Gear, please see below:

  • Aluminum Framed Mask
  • Soft Silicone Skirt
  • The Aluminum Frame allows a slight weight to the mask so it doesn’t get pushed up against your nose
  • More durable than a plastic frame.

Diving Masks:

One of the greatest joys of diving is being able to see the Underwater World.
For this reason, a mask becomes a very personal part of your equipment. And an incredibly important part of your diving too!

A mask that doesn’t fit, leaks or tends to leave you with bruises after the dive is no good.
We always say that the most important thing to consider when buying a mask is the fit. Not what it looks like!
If you manage to find one that both fits and is bright pink – then you have struck gold!

We carry all makes and brands of masks.
We also carry a huge variety of different colours.

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