Deepblu | COSMIQ+ Dive Computer

The COSMIQ+ is a refresh of the original COSMIQ Dive Computer, introducing an advanced bottom timer function for technical divers and a range of gorgeous new color options.

With modes for freediving, recreational and technical diving, COSMIQ+ will appeal to divers of all walks and skill levels.

At the push of a button, you can sync with the Deepblu app, allowing you to effortlessly create an interactive dive log and re-experience your dive after surfacing.

Share Your Dives Wirelessly

COSMIQ+ is the only affordable dive computer that includes wireless Blue-tooth technology and a comprehensive mobile dive logging application. COSMIQ+connects wirelessly to your smartphone allowing you to upload your dive data to the Deepblu app, so you can effortlessly create digital dive logs.

A Visual Timeline of Your Dive

Deepblu’s digital dive logs breathe new life into the old-fashioned logbook by enriching them with your photos, videos and story. Using time data embedded in your photos and videos, the app will pinpoint each visual on the timeline of your dive, creating a visually attractive dive log to share online. Add a story, tag your buddies, and have your instructors validate them online.

Look, Don’t Touch

COSMIQ+ is designed to let you focus on your dive, not your wrist. No more fiddling with scores of buttons or settings: a quick glance at the high-contrast LCD screen will give you all key information. All other functionality is accessible with only two intuitive buttons.

Bright, Brilliant, Beautiful

The COSMIQ+ 2.2-inch high-contrast LCD screen with pixel-less EBTN technology is bright and colorful. Even in the deepest depths, the information is displayed with astonishing clarity. Let the wonders of the deep carry you away. A quick glance at your COSMIQ+ is all you need.

You’re in Charge

The COSMIQ+ lithium-ion battery is rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about switching batteries or returning it to the shop. The gold-plated brass charger pin connects seamlessly to the magnetic USB connector so you can recharge the battery anytime, anywhere.

Technical Specifications

Operating Modes
  • Watch Mode
  • Scuba Mode
  • Bottom Timer Mode
  • Freedive Mode
  • Log Mode
  • Sync Mode
Measurement UnitsMetric (meters/°C) or Imperial (feet/°F)
Water Resistance100 meters / 330 feet
GasesAir and Nitrox – oxygen level adjustable between 21%-40%
Partial Oxygen Pressure (PPO2)Adjustable between 1.2 bar and 1.6 bar
AlgorithmDeepblu Decompression Algorithm based on the Bühlmann ZHL-16C model
Safety FactorConservative, Normal, Progressive
AltitudeSupports altitude diving above 300 meters / 985 feet
Battery Life6 to 7 hours of continuous dive time per charge
Battery TypeLithium-Ion (rechargeable)
Battery ChargerStandard USB
Log StorageUp to 25 unsynchronized logs
Data TransferBlue-tooth 4.0
Dive Log SoftwareDeepblu Mobile App – iOS/Android
Firmware UpgradeFree OTA firmware upgrades
Housing MaterialFibreglass-reinforced polycarbonate
Lens MaterialPolycarbonate with 8h hardness coating
Screen TechnologyEnhanced Black Twisted Nematic (EBTN) Negative Image LCD Display
Strap Material1. 24mm Ballistic Nylon NATO watch strap with stainless steel buckles and a velcro fastener
2. Bungee cord mount
Dimensions70.6mm (2.78”) x 48.6mm (1.91”) x 20.9mm (0.82”)
WeightApprox. 81 grams
Key Functions/ Measurements
  • Current depth
  • Deepest depth
  • Water temperature
  • Dive time
  • Oxygen level (21%-40%)
  • No decompression limit
  • Ceiling depth
  • Decompression stop time(s)
  • Ascent rate
  • Safety stop
  • Surface interval
  • Dive Plan function
  • Maximum operating depth (MOD)
  • No fly time
  • No dive time
  • Battery indicator
  • Clock
  • Calendar
  • Wireless dive data transfer
  • OTA firmware upgrades
Audible/ Visual Alarms
  • Scuba Mode
    • Depth alarm
    • Time alarm
    • Ascent rate warning
    • NDL warning/violation
    • MOD alarm
    • PPO2 warning
    • CNS warning
  • General
    • Battery power low
  • Freedive Mode
    • Time alarm
    • Depth alarm
    • Surface interval alarm
  • Bottom Timer Mode
    • Ascent rate warning

Height: 0.82 inch (2.09 cm)

Width: 1.91 inches (4.86 cm)

Depth: 2.78 inches (7.06 cm)

Weight: 2.86 ounces (81 g)