How to Choose your Wetsuit and Booties

It is important to understand that the choice of wetsuit is very important.

Ideally you need several wetsuits with each one suited to the different temperatures.

The more neoprene you wear the warmer you are …….BUT…. it’s more uncomfortable and causes all sorts of grief with your buoyancy. So we aim to have the smallest amount of neoprene and still be warm.

There are plenty of different quality suits as well as different Neoprene Options to help keep you warm and we will discuss them below.

Neoprene Quality

There are 9 ratings of neoprene quality and the number one criteria is the resistance to pressure compression damage.

Compression damage is where the little insulating cells in the neoprene are compressed on a dive and do not re-inflate on surfacing. The wetsuit becomes thinner and thinner and you get colder and colder.

As a rule the more flexible the neoprene the less compression it can take.

Unfortunately several wetsuits sold in South Africa are in fact made of surface Surfing material and not diving neoprene. SO BEWARE !  These suits will be much cheaper than normal.

Neoprene Options

Below we have depicted the different types of Neoprene on the market and our best sellers in each option.
Please contact us should you need any further information or advice.

Clicking on the images below will redirect you to the shop page which describes each Neoprene product in detail and lists the prices.


This a Great 3mm wetsuit option for Warm Tropical waters around the 30 degree mark. Only downside is you have little protection from both the Sun and the reef should you accidentally brush past it.

Cressi Spring Wetsuit Mens


This is the best option for the Warm waters that can be found at the Red Sea. No need for a Full wetsuit but you can find yourself getting cold after 3-4 dives a day. This gives you warmth, protection and very little buoyancy.

Divetek Hybrid Wetsuit Mens


This is the best all round choice of wetsuit. 5mm works for just about everywhere! When choosing a 5mm go for comfort, something that is easy to put on and made of a quality diving neoprene.


Try and choose a Bootie that doesn’t have a very thick sole. The thicker the rubber sole, the more buoyant the boot and it will make your feet float.

Divetek Hoodie


Hoodies are great for the colder waters and not as destructive on your buoyancy like a 7mm wetsuit. Rather add a hoodie and a shorty for extra warmth for Cape Town waters.

Divetek Chicken Vest + Hoodie


This can be added should you get very cold on most dives. It can be placed under or over the wetsuit. Great addition for slightly colder diving days.

Custom Wetsuits

Custom Wetsuit Options are always available at Divetek. Whether you want a wetsuit in Hot Pink or a 7mm Farmer John – No job is too big or too small. We also offer repairs on all wetsuits and neoprene dive wear.