Yet again the brand of the computer is not that important as many come from the same designers and factories.
However, You may prefer the look of certain brands over others. Most are relatively well supported with Service centres country-wide.
Most need to be taken in to have the batteries changed and then the computer is tested in a chamber. User replaceable batteries are a great feature.

Above all else ….. they all do the same thing and they do it well. There are very few real differences between the features and unless you’re looking to go into Tech Diving and need something very specific, nearly all computers on the market will have more features than you’ll ever use.

Please see below some of the features we would highlight on how to pick the right computer for you.

Air integration?

The air integrated (either with a transmitter or on a console) computer measures your cylinder pressure and computes your air consumption. It can basically tell you, how much time you have left on your current air consumption. This is not an essential feature and it unfortunately doubles the price of the unit, but it is a nice to have option.

No air integration?

The standard unit is for those of us, who don’t have the money to put into “nice to have” features. The unit still gives you the dive time and you simply read how much air you have left off a simple gauge on your Regulator. From here, the diver can do a quick calculation in their heads as to how much time they have left on the dive.


This option involves having the computer on your console or gauge. The advantage is that it makes it much cheaper if you are buying or when you buy your regulator as it saves the cost of gauges. In addition you won’t forget the computer before a dive as it is always on your set. The downside…it is prone to damage.

wrist mounted

A wrist mounted large computer. This is the most cost effective option if you are buying a computer and already have a Regulator. It’s large screen makes it easy to read and simple to operate. They are not units that can be worn as watches and the biggest downside is they are often left in hotel rooms before dives.


These are great if you are going to wear them as a dress watch in normal day to day life or even just when on a dive trip. They are however twice the price of the normal large computers.
The choice should depend on which one you prefer looks-wise as they all have the same features unless you are going into Tech diving.