• Rea Sea Ripoffs

    Red Sea Ripoffs Planing to go to the Red Sea? Here is some good information to help you choose a good operator.  There are a few operators that advertise unrealistic prices and if it sounds too good to be true …… you are probably right it is. For example an advertised price of R19,000 seems [...] Continue Reading
  • Is Buying Cheap Dive Gear Online, a Mistake?

    Cheap Diving Gear Sets on Special. There are so many "specials" online and on Facebook these days regarding Hard Gear Sets labelled as Entry-Level. The Prices are so good in fact that it even makes seasoned divers question the prices they paid for their own SCUBA gear. The question then becomes should you take advantage [...] Continue Reading
  • Why Most BCs are Just so Wrong

    The designers, manufacturers and even most instructors have forgotten, what a BC is actually for! The BC has a far greater effect on your dive than any other bit of kit. The reason is drag, water is 1000 times as dense than air. So being streamlined on a dive is vital. Yet most Bcs are [...] Continue Reading
  • Review of the Deepblu COSMIQ+ Dive Computer

    The COSMIQ+ has been around for a while and has been a big hit overseas. Up until  now it has not been available in SA. It is thankfully now here and fully supported. First looks The surprise was how small it was….. the pictures made it look far larger than it actually is. It is sturdy, [...] Continue Reading
  • The Great Instructor Rip Off

    The Great Instructor Rip Off Go Pro! they say  Zero to hero in three months ! Career courses galore, live the life! This is the marketing. Instructors are churned out in their thousands and those that do go into the industry rarely make a decent living. Once you have added all the courses on the […]

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  • Suunto D4i vs Aqualung i200 Review

    Aqualung i200 vs Suunto D4i Review This is a review for 2 well priced entry level, watch type computers. Most of the features are standard with every computer so I have just concentrated on the salient points. Aqualung i200  It has 4 modes: Air Nitrox Gauge Free diving User replaceable battery High visibility alarm light […]

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  • Divetek Advanced Rescue Course Divetek Advanced Rescue Course

    A REAL Divetek Advanced Rescue Course Divetek has a different philosophy when it comes to further training especially the Divetek Advanced Rescue Course. We advise that you do Advanced and perhaps Nitrox and then stop there. Most agencies sell you the next course as a matter of procedure. Almost everyone can do all the advanced […]

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  • DIN or A-clamp ?

    These are the two methods of connecting the first stage of the regulator to the cylinder valve. A-clamp has several alternative names including International, and yoke. DIN however has only one, although several informal names when it gets stuck, such as bastard and some shorter words beginning with s or even f. DIN stands for […]

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  • Sodwana in September 2016 Sodwana in September 2016

      Sodwana in September 2016   This is our Blog on the trip to Sodwana in September 2016 After starting the Open Water Course on the 10th of September We got straight into it with the lectures and pool sessions that followed, Excited and ready to take on the world our students Sandra, Tiago, Gordon, […]

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  • INTRODUCING divetektraining.co.za

    Our fully integrated online course and travel scheduling booking system. View our past and upcoming courses as well as all travel offerings, schedules and prices. Another industry first by Divetek Redefine Diving via IFTTT

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