Aliwal Shoal – Scottburgh

An Ancient rocky reef off the Kwa-Zulu Natal South Coast

Aliwal Shoal

Theย Aliwal Shoal is a rocky reef which is the remains of an ancient sand dune approximately 5 kilometres off the coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal.ย 

The reef is inhabited by many kinds of hard and soft corals and other marine invertebrates, and a variety of tropical and subtropical fish species.

Aliwal Shoal was named after the near-sinking in 1849 of the three-masted vessel Aliwal, captained by James Anderson.

An Exhilarating Diving Experience...

Aliwal Shoal is an incredibly popular dive spot for the adventurous diver and more specifically if you want to see Sharks!

Marine life thrives here with massive diversity. Tropical and sub-tropical fauna and flora that make Aliwal Shoal one of the rare places of the earth where two very different oceanic habitats overlap.
The reef was declared a marine protected area since 1998 and is now a no-fishing zone. In the long run, the positive effects will be phenomenal as overfished species start to make their presence in what was once overloaded with life.
Sightings range from the occasional great white shark and oceanic manta rays to macro life including many varieties of nudibranchs, eels, shrimps and rare pineapple fish.

The Produce shipwreck is undoubtedly the top wreck dive with so much to see. Huge daga salmon love to hive from the ocean currents and are almost always there. A massive potato bass also hangs around with her home in the bow. The hull is bursting with life with gobies, blennies and crocodile fish lurking randomly. Many rare species live here including the harlequin goldies and Durban shrimp if you have a good eye for detail.

The abundance and diversity of marine life on "The Shoal" is phenomenal. You can experience more in one dive here than traveling to more than four worldwide destinations!
It's not unusual to see up to 7 species of shark in a single dive!
Ragged tooth sharks (grey nurse sharks/spotted sand tigers) migrate here in the winter.
The white tip reef sharks can be seen all year round.
Hammerhead sharks pass by on their migration, during the summer months and bull (Zambezi) sharks can be seen lurking the ocean floor.
Tiger sharks patrol the centre water column, while oceanic black tip sharks are frequent visitors on most dives.

This area is a shark loverโ€™s dream come true!
We also offer Baited Shark dives where you can get up close and personal wth the shark species

The possibilities are endless so come and join us and Dive Aliwal Shoal!

Plans for a weekend Stay...

We normally leave in the early morning on a Wednesday and arrive in the Spectacular Aliwal Shoal around 1-2pm in the afternoon.

After dropping off the dive gear at Scuba Xcursion, we go off to our accommodation. We usually stay in the gorgeous Lazy Shark BnB or the exclusive Barefeet Retreat. The layout usually includes rooms with double bedrooms that are ensuite with tea and coffee facilities.

Divetek supplies all the basic condiments and so clients only need to bring meals and snacks as per a meal plan which will be sent to everyone a week prior to the trip. We may arrange for Breakfasts and Dinners depending on both the size and requirement of the groups.

Once everyone is settled and comfortable - we have a late lunch or dinner at a local restaurant and discuss the plans for the next diving day.

Our Dive plans are weather dependent but we normally get through 2 dives on the Thursday, Friday and 2 on the Saturday. Sundays are reserved from driving home.ย 
We dive with Scuba Xcursion in Aliwal Shoal - Scottburgh and they are a lovely operation that can accommodate the largest of group sizes!

Transport can also be arranged should you not wish to travel alone.

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